Sarah Brockett

Software Consultant & Delivery Lead



Sarah Brockett

Software Consultant & Delivery Lead


As a Delivery Lead, I work alongside my customer and development team to sift through the gray areas of custom software design and development. I help my teams remove risks and blockers, make difficult decisions and trade-offs, and prioritize work to be done. I am energized by creating order out of the chaos that awaits at the start of a new software project.

Software consulting also scratches my itch to help people. I love knowing that the tools I help create will make someone’s job easier and their day brighter. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, including ones that alleviate chronic pain, communicate patient risks to nurses, and deliver mindfulness practices to those who need it.

Previously, I worked as a designer on Atomic’s software teams. I still consider myself a designer at heart, as I wear my human-centered design hat daily. I am always looking for new ways to provide the best experience for everyone involved in my projects.

When I’m not creating custom software, you can find me riding my horse Luna, shredding the trails on my dirt bike, or hanging out upside down on my lyra (aerial hoop).

Papers and presentations

MidwestUX - Attendee | 2019

Scrum & Product Owner Training | Mountain Goat Software, 2019

IxDA Grand Rapids | 2015 – present

Ladies that UX Grand Rapids | 2015 – present

Grand Valley State University | Internship Panel, 2017 | Adjunct Instructor of Graphic Design, 2016

Write / Speak / Code Conference | 2017

IBM Design Thinking Workshop 2 | 017

AIGA West Michigan | Member, 2014-2017 | Social Media Chair, 2014-2016 | WIP Portfolio Reviewer, 2016-2017

Cooper Professional UX Bootcamp | 2016

The Factory UX Design Course | 2015

Star Foundation Portfolio Award, Grand Valley State University | April 2011

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