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Building software is complex. Let us break it down for you.

Should I Build Custom Software?

Less Is More – 4 Benefits of Starting with a Minimum Viable Product

An MVP usually targets early adopters and includes only the minimum amount of features to validate your value proposition hypotheses.

Should You Build New Software or Buy It?

You know the pros and cons of building vs. buying software. But how do you weigh them? By evaluating your need for control – how much are you willing to pay to put your process first?
How Do I Budget for a Custom Software Project?

Making Better Custom Software Estimates

Why is estimation so hard and so disliked by technical staff?

How to Set a Budget for Your Custom Software Project

Software is never done—there are always more features and functions you could add. So how much should you budget for a custom software project? Some companies keep throwing money at the project without any budget at all. But they can miss out on early client feedback and end up wasting money on the wrong things.

Fixed Price vs. Time & Materials vs. FBSC (Fixed-Budget, Scope-Controlled)

Because the team isn't constrained by a contract with a fixed scope, we can take advantage of new information and mold the project as we go.
Who Can Help Me Build Custom Software?

Choosing the Right Software Development Partner

Finding the "right" custom software development firm for your project is a tough job. How do you find a firm that has everything you need?

To In-source or to Out-source? 9 Questions to Ask Potential Teams

There are advantages to both internal & external teams. Make sure you ask the same questions of both.

What To Expect From Your Product Development Team

If you're going to develop custom software, leverage a product dev team. Find a team you can rely on, don’t underestimate the difficulty, and trust your team.
What Should I Do to Prepare for My Software Project?

Addressing Custom Software Risk

Leaders often look at the challenging problems in their organization and assume that sprinkling on some technological magic will solve them. The reality is that making custom software is full of unknowns.

Custom Software for Beginners: What You Need to Know for Your First Project

If you aren't in the software business, you probably will be soon. That's where Atomic Object comes in. We want to demystify the custom software project process by giving you a window into what we do at Atomic every day.

5 Ways to Prepare for the Start of Your Custom Software Project

Sometimes, there's a lull between the pre-project phase and the kickoff. Here are some homework items that will get your project started on the right foot.
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

Avoid Software Rot with Strategic Maintenance

Software applications (like homes, cars, and nearly everything else) need maintenance. Even when the software itself doesn’t change, the systems/devices it runs on and the larger software environment are always moving forward. This is called Software rot.

Human-Centered Software: Creating More Value by Balancing Feasibility, Viability, & Desirability

In a perfect world, every interface would have an easy-to-use workflow and a carefully crafted information architecture. If only reality were so kind.

3 Aspects of a Great Software Maintenance Team

To avoid the unpredictable costs of updating mothballed software, you need a great maintenance team — even if it's only one or two people.
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